December 20, 2016


Dear Honduras Relief Effort, INC., Sponsors,

I, along with my wife and director of HRE, Nina Adams, and Elizabeth Cunningham from Missouri, an HRE volunteer since 2007, have once more safely returned from Honduras this week from our semi-annual trip to Honduras.  And what a journey it has been! 

We completed our December distributions in time for Christmas including food for 100 families, packages of hygiene items including toothbrushes and toothpaste, school uniforms and shoes for the sponsored children as well as gifts for the children's families.  Adult, children's and prenatal vitamins and over-the-counter pain medications were shared as well as holding 3 free stores with needed items for members in the 3 villages we work in.  Several local volunteers from each village came to help us on these days.  Two mattresses and 4 bicycles were gifted to families as well as a set of pots and pans, a sewing machine, household items, 3 mosquito nets: (we were challenged with these pesty insects as we were there during the rainy season....and rain it did!). 


Other activities we participated in included starting the process for 2 young children  to be assessed for needed orthopedic surgery and one family received several sheets of metal for roofing to create a small tortilla business at the family's home.  We received 'thank you' notes from the sponsored children for their sponsors which are enclosed. Many families and the children expressed their appreciation with Happy Hugs and Glowing Smiles.  Scholastic children's books in Spanish, again donated by Scholastic with Connie Cunningham's (MO) assistance, were donated to the 3 schools we work with.  Rosaries, donated by Edna Kopp (CA), were given to a small local Catholic Church in one of the villages.  Tonya Knouse (MO) donated several 100 bracelets the children and the adults both loved. A large box of tools was given to a young man attending a local carpentry class and a young mother with several children was transported for a needed medical procedure.  One family donated some firewood, essential to have to prepare meals on the home-made clay stoves, to another family.  (Nina strongly promotes teamwork and partnership, not just with us, but also among the villagers to help each other.)  One of the elderly village members was hit by a car while we were there and we purchased several medical supplies for her. 

Once more, we received gifts of bananas, oranges, grapefruit, liches and coconuts as statements of appreciation.  Not only did we receive these gifts we passed on to other needy families, we also received many gifts not so tangible as children quoting Bible verses for us. As well, many children are in better health, both physically and emotionally, than when we had seen them 6 months ago; thriving in ways we had only hoped and prayed for.

With help from HRE, a local church in the poorest village we work in, has progressed from a thrash-roof, open-air room to a concrete-block building totally enclosed.  This local church is open 6 days a week for gatherings and worship.  The minister and his wife are very poor themselves with their 4 children and the wife's elderly father living with them.  In spite of their poverty, in the spirit of Jesus-hospitality, they continue to provide one meal a day for any poor elderly person in need in the village.  One young mother gifted Nina and Elizabeth with a Blessing of naming her new baby girl after them.  Our young woman with juvenile diabetes, who has been sponsored by the Page Rounkles Angels since August 2014, continues to thrive beyond even our expectations and she continues to volunteer with us every day we are there.  She, too, is an Angel!

It is Christmas. And in the spirit of this Holy Season, we thank you once more for the amazing gifts you have and continue to Bless the children and their families with.  If it is on your heart, perhaps you would share the HRE story and recruit a new sponsor(s) and/or a one-time donation among your friends and family.  So many children we visit with continue to await a sponsor.  We have so much and the children and their families we work in Honduras with have so little.  Several families told us they would have had no Christmas for their children at all were it not for HRE.  Should you or others want more information, please contact Nina Adams, Director of HRE, INC, 4400 Cranston Place, Orlando, Fl., 32812. Phone:  407-277-9920. Email:  Please know 100% of all donations go directly to the children and their families.

Once more, we, along with the families in Honduras, are grateful beyond words in expressing this gratitude.  Our God has no geographic boundaries for we are ALL God's Children.  Blessings, a multitude of Holy Blessings, to each of you and your loved ones.  You have touched many more lives than you may ever be aware of.


Louis Adams, President, Honduras Relief Effort, INC​

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